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Red face Spring install Calgary.. Help?!

Hi guys,

Brought springs several weeks ago from a member on here in Calgary, have not had a chance to get them installed until now but every shop I have called; Riegel Tuning (quoted me 3x the cheapest quote I got from the next ones mentioned LOL!), Vitek, Motorwerkes and Sheni's are booking for like next month, I don't think I have missed any trusted shops here in Calgary as these are my absolute preferred list.

So my question, is there anyone that is free anytime before the meet (June 2nd) that could help me install them? I am sure we could work out some kind of agreement and this way I could learn how to do it myself for future reference.

3 things; the springs are H&R, I would expect you to know exactly what you are doing and treat my car as if it were your own, and lastly, if you have the time then consider my schedule free whenever as you will be helping me out BIG TIME.

Thanks guys! Hopefully somebody can come through.

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