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Fell back in love with the M3 today......

Well - i'm on my second E90 M3, i max it regularly on the autobahn, i've driven it hard on occasions, i've crossed Europe in it and i've got to say they are amazing cars but the feeling the car gave me when i drove my first E90 M3 a couple of years ago has been fading for a while now - the cost of petrol here in Germany, familiarity with the car and the fact that you can only use the full performance of the car for a small percentage of the time you drive it have all taken its toll on my feelings towards it.

I Got a call from my dealer today asking me to take a test drive in the new F30 335i they have in - he used to own an E93 M3 and told me he has been so impressed with the F30 ....even claiming it felt almost as good to drive as the M3.

Well i drove it and it left me feeling....nothing really, i was very disappointed to be honest. The best way to descibe it was quick but very boring. Started to think that maybe my love for cars had gone........until i got back in the M. After driving nothing but the M3 for a couple of years i had taken its talents for granted - i drove home via the scenic route with a grin on my face as i realised just how great these cars are. What a machine.

If you too are becoming a bit bored of your car then i urge you to go and test drive the new F30 335i - you'll thank me!!
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