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They can re-finish them pretty close to OE style, but depending on how deep the curb rash is, the results may not be what you're looking for. Basically they grind the lip to be flat (remove the curb rash), then spray the face of the wheel with the color of the pockets/barrel, then they diamond cut the face of the wheel, then they clear everything. The finish is pretty close to OE, but you can tell it's at a lower precision level. Also, when they do the diamond cut, you lose some metal off the wheel. I'd probably only want a set of wheels to be re-finished this way once.

The other option is to target the rash areas, they grind them flat, then try to brush the metal so it kind of looks like the diamond cut (or find a silver that matches the diamond cut look, and paint). It's less intrusive, and looks okay form 5 feet, but if you get close to the wheel, you can tell where the repair was done.

I've done the full refinish on a wheel on my wife's X3, and it's pretty good. The previous owner of my M3 did the spot re-finish on the M looks better than curb rash, but you can tell where it was done.

Prices seem to vary a lot of stuff like this region to region, but where I am, it's around $150/wheel for the full refinish and $75-100 for the spot treatment. If you can find a clean set used for not much more, I'd go that route...just depends.

There was a wheeler dealer episode where they refinished some S2000 wheels. Same process as I described: Jump to 21:50 in the video if you want to see the process.
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