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Originally Posted by bosstones View Post
Getting back to reducing the prison population, I agree that some in prison don't need to be (just as much as some not in prison should be). For those advocating legalization of certain substances which are currently illegal, what would be your proposed way of legalization while not inducing new opportunities for incarceration (e.g. follow the approach taken by the Netherlands)?
Regarding legalization of substances: I will speak to my view... For the federal government, I would favor decriminalization. The feds should play no role. Leave it up to each state. For the states, I wouldn't want to impose on the other states what they do. If California wants to allow growing operations and marijuana stores, that is California's business. If hypothetically South Carolina wanted to keep marijuana possession a crime punishable by imprisonment, then that is their business and I wouldn't want to impose on them.

In my state, if it were my opportunity to advocate/vote for something, I would give my support for anything between outright legalization/marketing of marijuana, to marijuana possession not being punishable by imprisonment. Possession of marijuana should not be a reason to go to jail or prison in my state.