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Originally Posted by bosstones View Post
My personal opinion is that a fair number of the people that end up serving any real time are not really afraid of the US prison system. To me, that needs to change and there could be some definite cost cutting ventures to be explored in the process of making that happen. Any happy thoughts of rehabilitating these persons would be further wasted money.

This is an interesting topic to raise, though.
Certainly some cannot be rehabilitated. Certainly some can. It would be worthwhile to find those who can lose the criminal behavior and live in society. Some criminals, though maybe few (), could change by being banned from their home state and relocated where they can start over. There would probably need to be some kind of monitoring (whether that's a case worker dealing with them regularly, a GPS leg band, even house arrest...).

What of the idea that many criminals do crime because they don't have a means of gaining meaningful employment? With what is spent on prison, maybe some would be better off in vocational training to learn how to pave roads, build border fences, repair engines, forestry, or any number of things. Put them to useful work that supports their living. Not quite a chain gang...

This is nowhere near a fully developed idea, but it is brainstorming for solutions to a problem that is only getting worse.