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I know many of you have gotten ur decals from xenon mods without any probelms. I dont know if any of you havent. As I mentioned before I never got mine which is why I had a local shop make them for me. Anyway just wanted to let u guys know that after I finally was able to get in touch with them (very hard to since they never replied to a few of my emails) I explained to them the story and they replied by saying since its been about 2 months since I placed my order its not their problem anymore, im shit out of luck. LOL I could care less I wasnt even saying I wanted them anymore or my money since it was only 20 bucks and I had gotten them from somewhere else already, but i feel like the way they went about it was histerical. had they said i will ship them out i would have replied by saying its ok since I have them already and dont even bother to do a charge back since its not really serious. Thats not how they went about it tho, and its even funnier since they see I sent them the payment and it would probably cost them 2bucks to make and reship those decals. I mean WTF would I lie about not receiving them lol.