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Hello M3 (ex) owners,

I am new to this forum and I couldn't find the 'introduction' segment, so I thought I'd do it here.

First of all I'd like to say that this forum is filled with information from owners from all over the world, which helps alot of people (registered and unregistered, like me until today). This is something I appreciate as it's a 'wikipedia' for M3 owners who need information concerning their beloved car.

2nd of all; I am 24 years old and from Holland (I love how most Americans love modding). I am a lucky guy as I am the owner of a Melbourne red E92 M3 ZCP since ~6 months (after owning an E90 318i and a 325i Coupe)

3rd of all; I hope I am not bumping an old threat, but I searched for 2 days, for the answer to my question which is becoming a bit of a obstacle for me now as I cannot seem to be finding the answer, or maybe I am not 'seeing' the answer.

I think this is the most appriopriate topic to ask. Do excuse me, as I think this is still a bit of a hard question;

I am having the exact same issue as the thread opener; I installed my Eisenmann Race muffler 3 months ago, but I am also a bit disappointed in the 'loudness' (the sound itself is amazing imho).

I also am a bit 'against' cutting up the whole thing underneath my car and I think that is why my question is a bit of a problem to answer.

I am looking for a solution; increasing the decibels without having to tamper with too much parts, avoiding the well known 'CEL', the tune (removing errors scares me) and/or gasoline smell. This is because I do not want any problems with the tests, and to prevent the smell, which plenty of people around me experience as a horrid one.

I have seen 30+ youtube video's of the most wicked pipes (Gintani + Eisenmann Race), Challenge X pipe + Eisenmann race, the OEM Mod + Turner Test pipes, etcetera. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE hearing them, they are just too loud/raspy for me concerning people around me.

The X pipe seems to me, a quite expensive solution to what I want (an increase in decibels, nothing more)

I think (do please correct me if I am wrong) I have two options, concerning the CEL and smell avoiding issue;

1. Remove the secundairy cats entirely
2. Change the secundairy cats into HFC's (High Flow Cats)

People should not run away from the cold start or low revs, I would just like more 'RAARH' while seeking the 8000 RPM+ of this beloved engine.

Is trying secondairy race cats worth it, or should I go for the removal of the secondary cats right away? Or is this improvement of the sound too little and not worth the $$? I'm looking for the most ideal solution for a decibel improvement, the extra power is a nice side-issue, but certainly not priority.

I thank you in advance, and again, I am sorry if I yet missed a topic which answers this question anyway.


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