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Originally Posted by snowmants View Post
I think my least consistent turn is Oak Tree. Sometimes I nail it, sometimes I am wayyyy off. I also have trouble judging entry speed for nascar.
Yeah, still debating what to do with Oak Tree myself. I mean, should I double apex or single apex? I really need my logger to work so I can look at some data. The last time out, I was braking after the 2 marker and trail braking into Oak Tree using the single apex line. But it might be faster still to do the double apex to carry more speed going into the first apex then brake hard for Oak Tree. I don't know.... For instructors, it is a balance between safety and speed but they always side with caution. I just want them to tell me the absolute fastest line because I believe in my car control enough to know I'll be OK. If not, no big deal mowing the grass. Isn't the first and won't be the last.

That entire portion from 1 through 4 I have down good. The line I take, I'm confident is about the best line available for my M3. The only thing is sometimes I carry a little too much speed into 4 (for the tire conditions) and end up understeering badly even with trail braking. No biggie there either because I'm only off the apex by about 2-3 feet when that happens, just ruins my lap time. So if you watch my 2:13 video down there, you'll see how I did the double input into turn 4. The first input was in anticipation of the understeer, the second was the correction when I was presently surprised that the car actually turned. LOL Which is what I hope to correct with once I pull the pins and get that extra camber. I should be faster in all of the slow corners. 2:10 should be mine!