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Originally Posted by signes View Post
Ever considered Corsas? They wear a bit quickly but seem to be a well-balanced tire based on the reviews I have seen. Not cheap but another option.
A quick tirerack search revealed prices of $550-650 per tire depending on size, definitely not plunking that down on tires that are only going to last a few track days a few thousand miles.

I was leaning toward R888 but I know 295/265 will really be a stretch (literally) on OEM 19's. I guess I could run 265/235 or 265 square, but I'd hate to downsize up front. I've ran stretched tires before and it is pretty obvious that handling suffers. It's a shame they don't make the R888 in more 19 sizes, but can't complain since the other mfgs don't even make 19's.