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Originally Posted by Lunker View Post
Was driving down on vacation and got low oil indicator light. Stopped at nearest rest stop on highway and went to get oil. They did not have any 10w60, the closest they had was Mobil 10w30 so I filled with a quart of 10w30. I was in a rush to get on with my vacation and thought it wouldn't be a big deal. Researched a bit and read that the high viscosity 10w60 recommended oil is best for our high revving engines due to high shear of internal engine parts. Also read that in colder temps it may be OK to go with limited amount of lower viscosity oil to hold you over. What are the risks, should I be concerned?
If I remember correctly my manual says it is okay to do this if necessary but the oil should be changed out as soon as practical. Read it, it's covered in the manual. I wouldn't drive the car real hard until it's out.