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Originally Posted by E=mc2 View Post
I don't understand, if the car says it needs oil, its free no? But if the oil meter is showing low oil just not low enough to fill it up, then I don't really care (or should I?). As long as its safe to operate the car and when its unsafe if BMW covers it, why do you need to worry about this adding quart thing?
When any BMW model that is still under the 4 years/50,000 mile warranty is asking for oil (i.e. OBC says +1L or +1qt), one can take their car to the dealership and they will top it off free of charge. They will only do this when the car is asking for it. However, there are some dealers that are not as generous as others and WILL NOT offer this "top off" service.

This has nothing to do with an oil change. All BMW models have been known to consume oil between oil change intervals. Some people wait till the car asks for oil, while others always want it completely full. You can search these forums and get people's opinions about this matter. Feel free to do what you want after your research. Personally, I don't add oil until the car asks for it. No problems so far!

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