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> That's if they're determined to get into your house.

He was doing neighborhoods in a single night, not single houses, taking out dogs at interesting places a few days before. (Probably when he was scoping the area)

> They'll go for the one with the least amount of risk and the highest amount of payoff

If you have three dogs, an alarm and a gun, the payoff is assumed to be high. The odd junkie won't bother, they like stickups and open back doors but, say, car gangs stealing on order won't be bothered too much by any of those if it's your car they need.

> Due to the fact that the police will arrive in a few minutes after the alarm is triggered.

You'd be surprised what a thief can grab in 15 minutes.

But you could just have someone ring your doorbell, telling you a story about a lost football in your yard, cleaning you out while they're 'helping' you look for it.

Anyways, there are about 2 million burglaries per year in the us, which compares to 5 million dog bites per year, 6 million car accidents and an estimated 2 million accidents with guns per year.

There are too many variables there to figure your odds, but on the whole a US citizen is more likely to be shot and bitten while in a car accident than burgled.

> (cause I'm redneck like that)

Yeah, funny thing that in an ironic sort of way. I'm told you're allowed to carry weapons to enable you to overthrow a tyrannical government... But from where I'm sitting, it appears that the people that actually exert the right to bear arms are the ones supporting your current government.