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Originally Posted by michaelthepsycho
Originally Posted by gatorfast View Post
The book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" views this differently. I suggest reading it. Many people who are underwater on their homes certainly dont consider them an asset...
Hahaha. So many suckers buying this shit. What have you gleaned off of the tape? Nothing. How do I know? Two of my friends have it.

Sure, he's right on the point of a house / car being liabilities. That doesn't mean he offers any real plans in his tape. It's still a piece of shit.

Rule #1: If you're listening to financial advice books sold in late-night commercials, you're probably going to be middle class forever.
key is to know the authors background... he claims a house is a liability but the idiot made his fortune off real estate. Like someone said, the wealthy dont beed books to inspire or guide them... they write them to sell to suckers.
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