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Originally Posted by mikenap View Post
What exactly was the reason they decided to go half price for you? Did they just feel like being nice guys? All of a sudden they aren't in the business of making money?

I said before that these stupid dealer-offered coatings are pure profit for the dealership. Obviously they'd rather get half your money than none of it. At half price, believe me they will still see profit from it. So how outrageous was the markup before they offered half off? And what about the people who don't educate themselves on these practices, and actually pay full pop? How badly are they getting ripped off?

My advice is pass on what the dealership offers. Either have a professional detailer do the job CORRECTLY the first time or learn to do it yourself, then apply something like OptiCoat2.0 on the car. It will be done better, probably cost less or equal to what the stealership is trying to get from you, and perform better too.
+1 truth right there.

Ceramic resin is nice because there's no standard on what that means and how "ceramic resin" is supposed to perform. If they said it was carnauba wax, you can go online and find information about such products in how they relate to car care. "Ceramic resin" is a loose term that could mean anything. Because it's using "ceramic" I'm guessing they mean it's based off non-organic material that's made to harden through heat, but there's no doubt they won't be heating it nor will it "harden" through being heated up. "Resin" can refer to anything.

Perhaps rather than saying I waxed a car, I'm better of saying "I applied a thin film of resin derived from organic esters of fatty acids that was suspended in a mix of organic and non-organic solvents" so I can blow people minds!