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Originally Posted by E90Company View Post
Well said. You have really good points. You cannot just expect to completely change the current system without there being any type of "buffer zone" or time for everything to adapt, or there will be a "traffic jam" type effect in play. This will obviously create chaos in the order people recieve care, and how long one must wait.

The next question I (and many) have is: How is all of this going to be funded? I don't think it's fair at all. It really just drills into your head; "Why am I working so hard? So I can pay for a high school dropout flipping burgers at Wendy's, healthcare??" The system is just unbalanced and unfair, and really gives you a slap in the face for working hard.
You're already paying for the high school dropout's health care. He may not pay a dime, but the hospital or doctor just folds the unpaid bill into charges for those who have insurance or pay with their own funds. Like someone said earlier, the alternative to this is letting people die on the streets. That's just not going to happen here.

The theory behind this new health care plan (and I'm not claiming it'll work), is that if everyone has their own insurance, the costs will be spread among everyone and theoretically reduce costs for everyone. Whether that works or not remains to be seen. As far as wait times, granted, there will be more people seeking medical procedures who might have not done so without insurance. One would think this would lead to a big jump in demand for medically trained people. This might well lead to job growth all across the healthcare sectors, as well as the pharmaceutical and medical supply sectors. But until/unless that ramp-up is successful, there will be some difficulties receiving elective care, no doubt.

The big problem with this plan, as with all plans that attempt to satisfy too many demands, is that no one is really satisfied with it. Re-writing the tax code (if that ever happens) will end up being equally panned by most people.

The thing is, something had to be done. Every year there are more and more people going without health insurance, so those with health insurance and those who are wealthy enough to pay out-of-pocket will have to suck up more and more of the costs incurred by those who are uninsured. That will cause insurance rates to continue to climb to the point where most people or companies will no longer be able to afford any coverage at all. Where does that leave us?

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