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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
Thanks for confirming from the inside that you folks view actual US soldiers as an expense that needs to be eliminated and replaced with foreign workers, so you can make your 20% off the top. Your company can't make 20% off the top of US soldier's salaries, can they? But you certainly WILL make a profit off of every contractor your company hires, right?

There are "plenty of jobs"??!?! Seriously? The Manufacturing industry employees heard every single one of the same lines before their industry was decimated by out-sourcing too. US Soldiers need to realize they are following in the footsteps of US Manufacturing Jobs -- outsourced straight out of this country.

Any US soldiers here should wake up and realize that you are NOT important to these folks. Right now for every US soldier in Afghanistan, there are 1.5 contractors doing jobs that were done by US soldiers in WWI, WWII, Vietnam, etc.

Wondering why your signing bonus isn't as much as it used to be? The answer is Outsourcing. They don't need to give you a big signing bonus, they will hire a Pakistani instead.

Wondering why you haven't been promoted up and given a command, or put in command of more soldiers? Outsourcing. They are hiring other people to manage those contractors. They don't need to promote you.

Wondering why Republicans fought AGAINST better benefits, such as better education (GI Bill) and better health care? Outsourcing. They would rather hire a contractor and not pay the expense for soldier's benefits.

Wondering why your training is lower quality than before, is shorter, and involves outdated equipment? Outsourcing. Making you a better soldier is an expense they do not want when they can hire someone else cheaper.
The military, its operations, personnel policies, contracting, etc. are clearly far outside of your personal experience or education. It is patently obvious to even the most casual observer that you are ignorant and operating out of your depth. No big deal actually, you are a part of a huge majority that never took the time to understand what the military does or how it does it. This is a complex subject, you can't wiki or google yourself to competence.