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Honestly, like the GTR Spec V, the increase in cost of the GTS over the standard M3 just doesn't sound like a bargain. What gives these cars great appeal is there price. When you add a few bolt ons, doubling the price just doesn't make sense. If they brought it to the U.S. in limited quantities, it would still sell, but I've seen people buy pay over 100k for a Mustang. So thats not really saying much. I think the GTS is cool, but I just don't think it matches up to it's competition when you look at its astronomical price increase. What makes me laugh is they use resources to bring the GTS to a couple of people with mega bucks, but when it comes to the average M3 owner/buyer they release an appearance package, masquerading as the "competition" package. I'm disappointed by it, but at least its cheap. Next time don't get my hopes up, call it what it is, and if you release a competition package, make sure its something that I'll actually appreciate at a "competition".
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