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Originally Posted by calscooby View Post
Sorry another question:

Any types of modifications they can do when we order it? Such as different spoiler type? Different rims than the ones they will add as an extra? Different interior stitching?

Figured I'd ask

no worries

things like different, paint, trim interior color and stitching other than what's provided on the standard palette are considered "Individual" or custom orders.

you can order from this menu at an additional cost. there's quite a few thing you can do and they can all be fairly expensive. i think GOLFRR said that they are still taking individual orders so i'd act fast. because they will stop taking those orders well before the E93 production end.

you can ask about wheels, too. i think you can get stuff like black zhp wheels, but i don't know if you can get anything you want M5 wheels.

accessories like performance exhaust, spoiler, steering wheels can be factored into your order. i think those items are installed at the port before the car gets to you. again, Francesca will know a lot more on that.