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Originally Posted by calscooby View Post
Here's what I'm thinking. I haven't seen the fox red/black/black on anyones car posting here. I think it gives a little edge....

congrats...glad you were able to secure an allocation. there are some fox red/black/blacks on it's not as rare as you think.

but, who cares? it's definitely my favorite non individual interior choice... i, myself ,was going to get that option, part of me regrets that a little now and then. i was going to get the bi color steering wheel with that....awww, it would've looked so good.

anyway, it's a great choice and a nice exterior color,too. the FR adds a nice accent to that blue.

so how well did they treat you over at STBMW? how much did they charge you over invoice?

as for when you think your car would go into production...that you should ask Francesca. if they gave you an allocation, then they have a rough production date.