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Originally Posted by Never Convicted View Post
Argument? Who are you arguing with? How did BMW's business come to be valued at twice MB's? What schedule should they have used up to now? Markets constantly change. And because 9 guys on a message board don't like that they changed a Coupe designation from 3 to 4 is not a valid reason for them to stop what they've been doing and refining to become so valuable. They'll make some, they'll miss some. But I just hope they won't become Mercedes, which is the German Lexus, which is the Japanese Caddy.

You're clearly in the camp where more profits the better because you can't see that people will look at this valuation over Mercedes like BMW is making perfect cars.

We all know the how, what we're discussing is what did it do to the brand overall. If you think everything is rosy over in Munich and right now BMW is/can't do no wrong because how much they're valued at, then nothing is going to change your mind. You can talk about all this innovation they've done to become valued at this and that, great but guess what, that came at price on how their cars perform, period.

Again you keep going on about Mercedes like they're the bastard brand. Who cares if they're the German Lexus? Did they try to pretend that they were something else? Mercedes has always stuck to their business model - manufacture the best luxury cars. It's funny that you hope that BMW doesn't become Mercedes but you completely miss the direction BMW is going in. Not only have their cars become soft (an attempt to cater to those looking at Mercedes) but they're in fact becoming the German Toyota with all these models trying to cater to every market/demographic.