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I've lifted my M3 from the differential cooler several times; it's plenty strong, and was recommended by a BMW tech. Just make sure to use the flat portion (closest to the driveshaft, which sits on the differential), not the angled portion towards the rear of the car, which has no upper support. However, I just lift the car and quickly put it on either ramps or jack stands as a precaution.

The E9x has different suspension, as well as plastic lift points, so it's like a different car for jacking purposes. I used the elbows of the rear subframe as jack stand points, but they're not too stable without jack stands with round (flat) pads, which I've been unable to locate (I like the screw type). I don't like to put cars on regular jacking points; that puts a lot of stress on the body. Much better to find a suitable strong subframe/suspension point IMO, but to each his own.

And finally, I'd avoid putting the car on a jack stand on just one corner; even more body stress IMO. Lift either the front or rear of the car. I've lifted each corner to remove one wheel at a time too (to clean rust), but what I did was remove the wheel and quickly lower car to stock level and let the car rest on the floor jack while working on it (I obviously didn't get under the car, which is a no-no without jack stands). Good day.