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Originally Posted by Bartledoo View Post
It looks like all of the rear arms aside from the trailing arm are spherically mounted to the spindle. If you check the parts diagrams they will be referred to as ball joints.

It looks like all of the mounting to the subframe is via rubber bushings, but I'm not sure about the toe arm in that regard, since it has a ball joint on at least one side and photos show both sides looking identical so it may have ball joints on both sides.

The subframe diagram can be found there too.
That's correct, most of the arms have one end spherical and the other as a rubber bushing - I believe one of them is spherical both ends. Not sure on the main control arm though, I was pretty sure at least one end was a rubber bushing.

Regardless of the specifics, it's still an upgrade to go with the rear set of SPL or GC rear arms. More adjustability and full spherical mounts. The M3 GT4 replaced bushings in the rear arms and trailing arms but retained the stock arms. However I believe at the time this was mandated by rules - the bushings could be replaced but not the arms. Having one end a ball-joint is better then nothing, but a rubber bushing on the other end will result in flex/distortion under load.