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Originally Posted by Bartledoo View Post
I can definitely confirm several of the rear arms are spherically mounted. Just not sure which aren't as I haven't removed those yet at any point. The rear main control arm is spherically mounted to the wheel carrier. Ask me how I know! Okay I'll tell you. I accidentally rotated it and got it jammed into the control arm and got extremely pissed at the extra trouble I caused haha.
Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you mean by 'spherically mounted'?

A spherical mount is a solid bushing. So even the main lower control arm is NOT spherically mounted as it goes into a non-solid bushing where it is connected to the spindle and the subframe. The same applies for the 3 rear control arms and the trailing arm. The bushings in the control arms are not all solid - spherical/ball-joints are solidly mounted. That's why there are upgrades from SPL and GC for rear arm replacements that are actual spherical ends. The same can be said for the bushings that the main control arm and trailing arm mount to in the subframe and spindle. Those can be replaced with true solid bushings - in the same way the solid subframe bushings are commonly replaced.

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