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Originally Posted by chassis View Post
Because they use Lucas refrigerators! Lucas, the Prince of Darkness.

All stereotypes about Jaguar vehicles are true, at least pre-Ford ownership. Mainly flaky (Lucas) electrics and oil leaks.

But there weren't many prettier vehicles in the late 60s through the mid 80s, in my view. Jag gave M-B a run for their money in the luxury saloon segment withe XJ-12 Vanden Plas. Connolly leather, burl walnut and lamb's wood carpets, all good!

p.s. tongue in cheek with with good natured apologies to the British members of the site.
Thanks for explaining. I certainly know about Lucas' propensity to not function as designed. I just didn't know they made refrigerators. So, bloke could break down on the motorway in a beautiful English car, get towed home, and walk in the door, open the fridge and find warm food and beer.