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Originally Posted by 94jedi View Post
Hey guys - planning on my first track day at VIR next month; obviously need a full face helmet. Any recommendations? I think I have a fairly average size dome lol. I've heard some people rent helmets but w/ COVID and my general OCD'ness, I'd prefer to buy my own. Having said that, just looking for entry level at this point; don't want to spend too much. Planning on 4-6 track events annually, if that helps. Thanks!

Find a local race shop that can properly fit you. Everyone's heads are shaped differently. It's not going to be very efficient and expensive if you have to keep ordering different helmets until you find one that fits...and that assumes you know the nuance of helmet fitment.

Fortunately, all of the new SA2020 helmets are starting to trickle out. There are plenty in the $500-and-under category from companies like Bell, HJC, G-Force, and Zamp. Also, buy a headsock and one of the helmet lining cleaners such as Molecule. This will greatly extend the life of the helmet and be more comfortable.
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