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those gaps are what i dislike the most. once you lose the seal that the undertray provides, you introduce pressure behind the front bumper and i feel like you would lose some efficiency of the oil cooler and main cooling system.

when i had my apr front splitter, i went through the front bumper for supports and used large washers to spread the load, and they were mounted in the direction of the pull, rather than the 90* mount on the front face of the bumper.
the problem i had was my flat apr was a similar design, and i was running an older oem undertray. once the undertray was just a little compromised, the air pressure between the splitter and the bumper took care of the rest and destroyed it completely. after this, i've been pretty mindful of the gap.
i'm running a cheap gt4 splitter without any brake ducting until i return to optimize the front aero of this car again.
i'm probably not going to run a gt4 style lip, but instead run a gts style lip that seals the gap and construct some kind of 911 style scoops for front brake cooling.
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