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I'm about as big an S2k fanboy as you'll find but the S2000 was more like the Miata with the engine the chassis always deserved but never got from Mazda (still to this day), IMO. It's a more playful driving experience than any of the Z3/Z4 M cars, but it's also a slower car. It happened to be quick on paper for its time when it was brand new in 1999 and the E36 M3 was lucky to squeak out a low 14 second 1/4 mile, but getting it to the levels of performance it needs to hang with the bigger bore cars is a pretty big hill to climb, and misses the point of the car IMO. The Z4M is just this side of "serious" with the big heavy angry S54 hanging out in front of you and a short wheelbase chassis that likes to plow and then snap. Less a dance partner and more a horse that needs to be broken

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