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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
When I was looking to add to my E36 and E92 M3, the car had to be a convertible to offer something different. It just offers a more exhilarating drive even at low speed. I actually considered the S2000 as 2 of my buddies had one and I've driven them extensively (AP1 and AP2).

I ended up going for a Z4M Roadster for about the same price, although I'm about to bulletproof the S54, which would wouldn't have to do on the Honda. The reasons I picked the Z4MR:
- S54 is a legendary motor, and I prefer it to the 4 pot in the S2k. Also sounds better
- I've always loved the lines of the Z4M. It's a very aggressive looking car IMO
- While not as raw as the S2000, the Z4MR is a better cruiser (even though in todays standard, that car is pretty damn rough!)

My E92 M3 will be the last car I have that would get sold. But if I were to get a car for purely weekend purposes, I'd probably try something else.
Stock to stock, Z4M shits on S2K every single time be it a backroad or track. Hell, even Z3M convertible with euro motor cruised past Honda NSXs when driven by pros. I did love driving S2K, but you need to modify a lot in order to really bring out the pace out of the car.
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