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Originally Posted by Shrike360 View Post
I feel like the only person to form a less than stellar opinion of the GT350. Test drove two of them, first one around town and the highway, second one on back roads.

Shifter feels great, very notchy and mechanical. Brakes are strong, if overboosted. It's a pretty practical car, but the back seat is more cramped than the sedan based cars. The noise in loud mode is intoxicating the first few times, it wasn't as exciting the second time around. The burble tune is a little overdone.

The negatives? Quiet mode it sounds pretty meh, you have to keep it in loud. The first car smoked heavily after a light pull. Like, there's a fire, kind of smoke. Second car definitely smelled like oil after getting on it. Gearing is purely track focused and neuters the street performance. Below ~80 mph, I think it would be even with a stock E92. A stock F8x feels faster. Also, the car would not accelerate in 6th gear at 65 mph. Straight up would take seconds to get to 70. Interior didn't offend me, but it reminded me of a rental Fusion. Also, why the hell is the fan speed control on the touch screen, and the temp control on dials? I mess with the fan speed often, I set the temp to 69 and don't touch it again. Steering feels decent on center, and completely numb off center. It's not the most playful car, it feels more than the weight difference suggests. It is also, MASSIVE. Driving town a tight back road, it feels like you're trying to keep an F150 between the lines.

Would be a good choice if you spend a lot of time on the track, but I don't think it's as good a driver's car as everyone suggests.
A GT350 will have a very similar 60-130 to a DCT M3.

Ask me how I know 😅