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Originally Posted by tsk94 View Post
Originally Posted by tlrid3r View Post
Can you shine some light on to the AC delete.
I have been planning on doing this but there is very little info.
Some of my questions are:
Belt size
Error message
Coding needed
AC line to firewall block off

Any info highly appreciated.

Amazing built. Also awesome work on your suspension.
Thanks for the kind words.

Regarding the AC delete. There are 2 belt configurations for the S65: a pre 04/2008 and a post 04/2008 configurations. Our car is the earlier version and deleting the AC on early cars is pretty straight forward. If your car is a later version I can't be of much help so hopefully you got an early model like ours! Anyways, we used a 31.25" 6 rib belt once we removed the AC compressor. No coding was needed to remove the pump. You will get an ECU code error if you were to run a code scanner saying the AC compressor is not working - since it's no longer there, but no dash lights or anything like that. We removed the heater core at the same time so the AC and heater lines were simply closed with a block-off plate at the firewall.

Hope that helps If you got a later model car with the newer belt configuration give Bimmerworld a call - they can explain the options you have, it's not nearly as straightforward as the earlier cars but it can be done.
Great and thanks. Yes mine is early model. I won't remove the heater core. I like to keep the heat. Just not the AC. I'll block the AC lines as well. I'll CAD some block off plate.
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