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July 5th Track Day

Got another track day in last Sunday. Weather for the most part was good with ambient temps in the mid 60's, rained a bit in the mid morning but dried up quickly.

Not many changes from the previous weekend. We stiffened the rear sway bar to reduce some mid corner understeer and ran slightly lower tire pressures all around; 33psi hot on the RR's seem to be the sweet spot for our car at this track. Improved our PB by a tenth and overall we're happy with the pace and setup of the car now.

We did experience a small issue in the last session of the day. Car had been running fine all day but the last session out the car wasn't pulling properly above 6k rpm. Felt strong and normal below that, but above 6k it had reduced power compared to normal. Came in and ran the code scanner and found a pre-cat O2 sensor heater code. Unfortunately we didn't have time to go back out on track to test if clearing the code solved the issue, but not sure why it came up in the first place. We'll inspect the O2 sensor before next event and replace if needed - maybe some of the wires melted or got damaged. Hopefully the O2 sensor is all the issue is and it's nothing more serious. Otherwise the car worked great lol. Next time out we'll have our Solo 2 DL wired up and in the car which will be great!

Here's some onboard video of the car at our local track. Camera was a bit too high and the quality is meh at times - sound quality is pretty good at least. Next time we might use the GoPro instead of the the iPhone. I feel like this angle of being able to see the driver is much better then just on the front window, but setting it up is a PITA as you need to go in from the trunk to try to set the angle properly

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