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Originally Posted by tsk94 View Post
None yet unfortunately, but I will have some coming shortly.

What I found the most helpful when I debating what final drive to go through was a gearing spreadsheet like this one found on diffsonline:

Enter your tire size, the E92 gear ratios and the desired final drive and you can see the speed at a given RPM for all the gears. Helped me decided the 4.1 would be a good fit for my car.
Although way over modded for a street car (I bought it this way) I'm always looking for stuff that will make the car more fun and gears will absolutely do this. It seems like the least aggressive step up in gearing. I wouldn't want to go any shorter anyways with my rear tire size (295/30/18) which is already a good bit smaller than OE.

My car will always remain a mostly street car that hopefully sees some track time a few times a year. i don't even particularly care if gears don't make it any faster (although I'm sure they will help).

Thanks for the link, I'll check that out.
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