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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
No it does not. It's not a designed feature and it's not supposed to do that.

You can stall it and it won't go into limp mode. You can spin out and it shouldn't go into limp mode. DSC malfunction I've seen a few times caused by sensors getting freaked out - not engine malfunction and limp mode. This should ONLY happen with a malfunctioning sensor or something else awry.

The ECU does not perform its standard internal checks while driving. Most checks are performed when the ignition is powered on. There are other checks that the DME performs while driving but they are not related in any respect to this particular situation and do not apply.

Restarting the car will usually clear something like this if it's not a persistent fault and is an environmental 'glitch'.
Ok so seems m3an had it correct that its a DSC type fault as opposed to engine..but it will through that fault code