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I'll be purchasing a car in about a year. I don't mind used. My wife is nagging me for comfort in suspension harshness. She gets motion sickness with stiff ride, darting, fast stops, fast take offs. I drive easy with her in the car. It's not her fault that she gets motion sickness. She said that I ruined my only family car when I put stiffer springs due to 400 hp to the wheels, but I didn't lower it.. So that's what I'm shopping for. A special car to me, and a ride compliance for her. She'll be in the car once a week for date night. So far I'm looking at the M340i, F90 M5 base, and I'm hoping that the G80 M3 will have a decent ride for her. I know it's subjective and I don't mind stiffness, but I'm sure she won't like the M3 and I'll probably end up getting a 340i or a base M5. I like smaller cars. I forgot to mention we have a daughter hence the need for four door incase it's a family outing. Basically a fun dad car. Ahh, women.
I'm not under the impression the m5 is very compliant relative to the g80, but I hear the LCI rides better than the earlier model cars. Be a shame to end up in an m340i just for comfyness one night a week, and you may still get complaints all the same. Seems like people love the ride quality in the Porsche SUVs and the regular 5 series.
I think the M5 base is more comfortable than the M5C pre lci. Macan turbo is on the list, but I really don't want another small SUV as I have a Forester XT. I'm also looking used so no lci. What about a giulia quadrifoglio with extended warranty. I read that their comfortable, and M550i is on the list
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