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Originally Posted by mdosu View Post
i'm just saying, I bought my 08 E90 with 8k miles in June 2010 for $46k cash, out the door. There's no way you should be paying $49 in 2011. You should offer $44k and don't move from there.

I'm not really selling, i'm just saying if you really wanted it for $49k, hell, I"ll sell you, I would have effectively flipped my car for more than what I paid for mine a year ago (i now have 15k miles) (if you want to do it for $46k right now, I'll seriously consider it, I'm looking for a reasonable way to get into a E90 DCT, haha. )
Thats what I want too e90 DCT. Wait if your selling for 46k wouldn't you still be losing money because of taxes?

Anyhow whats the average market value for 08 e90 DCT or 09 e90 DCT from a Dealer? I look around in Autotrader and they all run for 50k+, and there wer go saying here that they are low-mid 40's. I am confused!