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Originally Posted by nd54 View Post
I think it's a gimmick not because it doesn't change the ride feel, but because the sport mode only gives the illusion of sportiness while actually increasing lap times; all it does is make the ride rough. Any BMW instructor will tell you to keep it on normal mode on the track because it adapts to the conditions. As far as comfort mode is concerned, I don't see the need for it in this type of car. I guarantee with this chassis kit your M3 will be faster than any stock EDC car, or an EDC car with springs, and even on my car with 20" wheels the ride is fantastic.
Eh - we'll have to agree to disagree. You think that sport will lap slower than comfort on a decent track? I find that very hard to believe unless that track is a mess. While I do think sport is preferable to track mode a lot of the time to maintain traction on rough or uneven roads, I can never go as fast in comfort as I can in sport. Comfort is also direly needed for major US cities with crappy roads IMO.

I'm sure the kit is excellent, but I think EDC is an excellent OEM system. Obviously if you are going to tweak the suspension, or track the car a bunch, then it probably isn't the best system.