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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
Wow, makes you wonder what F430 Scudaria owners were thinking when they paid 250K+ for their cloth interiors....

F430 is purpose built car so use of cloth is justifiable, much like the lack of radio and AC on some road cars designed purely for one track makes it OK. M3 is much more luxury/sports combo than F430, and as such cloth truly doesn't fit aesthetically on this car. The reason why so few people order it speaks universally that it is not a pleasing option.

I personally liked cloth on E36 M3, but completely turned off by it on E46 and E9X. Maybe because E46 and E9X are more luxurious machines than E36 ever was or will be. Of course it's a matter of taste and if your reasons are practical (enjoy cool surface during summer, warm during winter, less sliding on track), then it makes sense so-to-speak.