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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
AWD = FUN in snow. RWD not so much but possible with good snow tires.

My preference is Dunlop Winter Sport 3Ds for their excellent snow/ice performance and superior handling (compared to other snow tires including Blizzaks, IME), when the roads are not snow/ice covered.
Yea, if I can get my hands on a set of 18-inch OEM wheels, then I probably consider PA3s or Sport3Ds, but at 19-inch, your options are limited.

I am still not convinced buying a set of OEM wheels is cheaper than paying for mount and balance twice a year in the long run, granted that the service doesn't damage the wheels doing the mount/balance.

I just really dislike like after-market wheels, even expensive ones. Plus, I don't plan on snow driving, just cold weather driving, or if I accidentally get caught in a storm on my way home, so I'll probably just go with the 19 Blizzaks unless mpardun says in a month their the worse tires in the world.