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Originally Posted by shardoflard View Post
i just joined this forum because this man is a retard...

Agusta MV f4....

not that id buy one for the 50k... id get a 1000rr....
but... i
the agusta mv f4 out performs the jap bikes in its class.

isnt this thread a yr old?
Don't let it get to you. Those who only care about the latest hp numbers and magazine stats don't seem to appreciate the appeal, mystique, beauty, and symphony of a fine Italian motorcycle. Besides, no matter what bike one owns, something lighter and faster will be introduced in the following year. When my bike is 10 years old, I bet it will still inspire the same level of personal admiration as it does now, maybe even more so. Not sure I can say the same for the latest gixxer or R-1.