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Originally Posted by Digital.James View Post
Actually I do. If you believe that the Euro bikes are so superior, buy one. Your money not mine. I know what I would do. Ive been riding sport bikes for over 15 years and have owned my share of bikes, including a Ducati 996R. Yup a real 996R. Sure it was nice, but besides for pulling a lot of dick at bike night (my gf's words not mine), it was no faster the the R1 I replaced it with. The money I got selling the R got me a R1, Ohlins GP fork and rear shock, Marchenisi wheel and Akra Race pipe with PC and still put cash into my pocket. 5-10k goes a long way in modding a bike.

There's a reason why Superbike "changed" their rules once Ducati started getting their assess handed to them.

i just joined this forum because this man is a retard...

Agusta MV f4....

not that id buy one for the 50k... id get a 1000rr....
but... i
the agusta mv f4 out performs the jap bikes in its class.

isnt this thread a yr old?