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Originally Posted by BellasBmw
Because my pro-american feelings still respect others and what they have to say. Its not against you personally, its against the belief system you have .. that america is the greatest and everyone else should aspire to be like us. That is narrow minded and i find that plain ignorant. We may be the superpower, for now , but give atleast 20 yrs and china will have surpassed us. And this is coming straight from my phd poli sci teacher, its not my "fabricated opinion". I do not like when someone has something to say and its immediately shot down, the basis of a discussion forum is to discuss, not to insult or "demolish" someone's opinions. I cant blame the guy for thinking americans are brainwashed, cause most of them are. Our media is probably the #1 culprit, and its good to get an outsider's opinion.

For example- When i was in my last relationship, i couldnt see the faults and problems that we were having because i was blind to it. I saw what i wanted to see. Yet, when my friends/family/peers viewed my relationship, it was an outsider's opinion, wasnt biased, and they saw every flaw.(does this make any sense?..) Its like the situation we have here.. I read the BBC for my news, because its an outsider's viewpoint on whats happening in america.
So when you read his initial post you think he had good points? I (and JB 330ci) were responding to false statements used to support the proposition that americans are stupid/backward/morally corrupt. These were not opinions that we were "demolishing". If he had real points I would respect them. Certainly you are a reasonable person. Can't you understand my viewpoint that using false statements to support an argument is BAD? Are you reading JB 330ci's posts? You are a very bright lady so I am sure you did.

What is the belief system you think is so wrong? That america is greatest? What country in the world has a better system? China!? It will be far more than 20 years for them to catch up (atleast in Science, which I am a professor in). Have you been there? I have. It is backwards and repressive. A hell hole compared to here. There is a reason our families came here from Sicily (which is another currupt dump compared to here, I have been there. I love it but only to visit!).

Your points are well taken and I respect them. I just think you are fighting the wrong battle. I think deep down you know the US system, although not perfect, is the current best. We are both examples of how the american dream works. :rocks: