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Originally Posted by urbanjunglist View Post
Wow. I'm just saying on behalf of those of us who don't always have access to a track, I know the itch... but that game must be played with extreme care.
you DRIVE to the track no matter how far it is.

Originally Posted by urbanjunglist View Post
Bottom line, he got short-sighted during an adrenalized moment... wasn't watching far enough down that road, came in too hot and not even close to wide enough. He came in hugging the right side of the right lane approaching a right turn... that deal was done before he even started his turn.
BOTTOM LINE: Stay in your lane. This ain't no track. this is a public fucking road. Your suggestion assumes that you would come in wide (ending up on the wrong side of the road) on a blind turn with no guard rails and possibly take out someone driving safely in the other direction?

You slow down, you hug your lane. No excuses. Imagine if motorcycles were riding the other direction and you come in wide and hit a couple bikes and send them flying.

This shit is ridiculous.