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Originally Posted by MARIO K View Post
I never drove like an idiot to begin with. I wasn't driving that car. I wasn't a passenger in that car. I wasn't even a part of the cruise that particular day.

This thread isn't even about me.. But that's fine, I have nothing to prove to a moron like you who instead of admitting wrong for insulting the wrong person, goes about talking nonsense.

Have a great rest of your day fool

You missed my objective of that post, obviously I was not being serious. In response to the guy saying "I don't give a crap about your friend", it was my way of saying "what makes you think I give a crap about your wife then" without being so harsh..

You can see how I've responded to other people in this thread especially the negative posts, but I did not like the way this guy came about.

Apologies for the misunderstanding..

Guy at 0:06 is a kid in an E92 M3. I'm not a fan of him and do not speak with him in general. Last I heard he blew his motor not to long ago.

Yeah I hear ya.. Glad you guys have recovered, and good on you for working in the medical field!
Thanks man.

Whats worse, and I have seen it, is teens/kids on hwy 26 and 30 driving this fast on patches of black ice. Thats 10X's worse IMO. I won't go there. I will save that for another thread.

Anyway, I am glad you posted this for a real eye opener for the younger folks to show them what can happen in a high power sports car if not driven properly.