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Originally Posted by MARIO K View Post
This sent a chill down my spine, I read this and pictured this just as graphically as you described it. Hard to read as I do not wish that harm upon anyone. However I really do appreciate you sharing this story. It's definitely an eye opener. The part that gets me is that you couldn't do shit when the car was flipping to help your friend. Those kind of words hint that you're the type of guy who cares for the well being of friends in a situation like that and not just yourself; and I really respect that!

I hope you and your buddy have since then recovered fully
We both made it out ok. My friend Rob was pretty messed up for about 6 months. He went right into surgery/inpatient. He was released a few days later with 30+ metal staples on the side/top of his skull. He made a full recovery and so did I.

You are correct. As teens we all think we are invincible. We all have been there. So far from the truth. As I see younger folks getting into over 300 hp cars, this is going to happen. We were a statistic. I am not proud of it but I am proud that I got a second chance at life and so did my friend.

I do care about my friends and people in general. I am in the medical field and love helping patients but that night as a teen I couldn't do anything as hard as I tried. You just couldn't with gravity and the roll and how fast everything went down was mere seconds, but felt like minutes.