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Originally Posted by Nordstat View Post
No disrespect, but why post to an M3 thread about how much better a Mustang is and then complain about not getting congratulations from people you don't know?

Just sayin...
Its the M3 forum! Nowhere does the E9x M get *less* respect than the M3 forum! (well ok, besides the CTS-V and AMG forums)

Half the time when someone comes to "Vs..." and posts something like this (meaning "sold M3 to buy XYZ"), 90% of the posts are super supportive and often even go so far as to crap all over the /// like it was a shitbox. Not even *balanced* really, pure "this thing dominates ///" type commentary.

Then a few people will go over the top and crap on the "visiting" car (admittedly usually in a ridiculous way) and the OP and supporters will *laser* focus on those posts and make it sound like every BMW owner on earth mobilized to "disrespect" car XYZ.

Thats how it tends to go here, from my casual observation.

Psychologically I find it *real* weird. When I sell off a car (happens a LOT) I vanish from the forum or post neutral type crap. I have no need for the crew Im *leaving behind* (who are presumably fans of the car I sold) to be in love with and validate my *new* purchase and join me in bitching about whatever it is that made me sell (because theres usually *some* reason beyond boredom - I even sold a GTR *GASP!!!* )

To the OP. Congrats on the Boss! It's badass. One of the best modern Mustangs and, IMO, more desirable than the GT500. The response here has been pretty damn good IMO, in case you think it hasnt been.

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