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Originally Posted by serranot View Post
I just installed the modded oem exhaust. I did the mod that replaces the perforated pipes with solid ones. It is scarcely louder than stock at lower RPMs but sounds AWESOME when you get on the gas. It is exactly what I wanted--quiet in the neighborhood yet throaty when you gas it. Not a bit of drone or obnoxious/juvenile sounds. I love it.

I used Dixie sheet metal to do the welding. It was not cheap-about $630. They did a good job though and fabricated and nicely bent the new tubing.

It's too bad welding is so expensive around here. I know I could get an Iowa farmer to do it for about $75 and do a good job.
Richard's car sounds nice as hell. I think they are both worthy mods. Very inexpensive and won't break you bank account. lol.