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Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
50lbs heavier than the Mustang, 25 heavier than the Camaro, 50 lbs *lighter* than the 6.0l CTS-V. I think the weight is fair. With 315mm max tire width on 18x10's, DCT allowed, and on the same spec line as the GTS which means retrofitting GTS part numbers to regular M3's is fair game, it should definitely be interesting, and expensive. The DCT might be key if it can withstand the abuse over a season of racing, aside from the obvious shift speed advantage, lap-after-lap consistency is a big advantage in any racecar.
I'm anxious to see how things play out as well! The GTS spec line is a little hard to understand though?!? GTS bits are impossible to come by I believe. The DCT reliability is a big unknown. They are going to have to make some serious concessions for the E46's I think. If they decide to cut weight for the E46 M a couple hundred pounds that might be the even hotter ticket! Gonna be a fun season!