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Track? What Track? I was just riding along . . .

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My favorite heavy-car HPDE pad factoring cost into the equation. I like the softer pads even more like the old 01s but I can't pay up for a new set every few weekends.

In my E92 M3 they aren't the last word in stopping power but they're good enough, and the release feel is super-good, I love the way they trail brake.

Using them with stock calipers for maybe 50 track days using treadwear 200 tires. I have replaced the piston seals at about 40 track days. No other maintenance issues to speak of. I often get lazy and just leave them on the car between track days but they are squeaky. I managed to get one set of front rotors down to minimum thickness at about 30K miles but the rears are still good at 40k.

I run them down until they look noticeably thinner than the backing plates when I'm inspecting them with a flashlight though the wheel spokes. Usually at that point they are even thinner on the hidden side.
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