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Originally Posted by DemonEye
This makes me happy since I just ordered the VT2-625 kit for my 2012 M3, 6MT. I figured the lambo would have wasted the boosted M3, and be gone from sight within seconds but it was a good race, meaning I thought the M3 would have been crushed even more going up against a car with ~500 more whp. The lambo being a manual probably helped keep it a closer race. I've seen countless videos of the Underground Racing TT Lambos, most with e-gear, and once those cars punch it, they're just gone! Good vid.
I'm guessing that Heffner Gallardo only makes about ~200whp more than the M.

The UGR TTG's are on an entirely different level, 1500whp without breaking a sweat.

As I said before, fast M3.