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The 200/2.8 was my first L lens, and sharp enough that it ruined me for the consumer zooms I had been using until then. That said, I eventually realized it didn't really work for me. When I wanted a telephoto for wildlife I always wanted something longer. When I wanted a shorter tele for portraits or compressed landscapes I always wanted something shorter. Once I had a 300/4 and a 135/2 I never used it anymore. I hated to sell it cause it was so damn sharp - but that's what I did 5 years ago and I haven't really missed it since.

In short, the 200/2.8 is a fabulous lens - if the focal length works for you. If it doesn't you may just find yourself trying to force the shot to fit the lens rather than trying trying to find the lens that best serves the shot, and like me be better off without it.